Typical Installations

At M&E we cater for a range of quality products whether this be electrical or mechanical upgrades or repairs, you can be assured that all installations/repairs or upgrades are carried out professionally by one of our highly trained engineers.

Please feel free to browse through our typical installations and if you dont find what your looking for please contact one of the team who will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Outdoor Utility points/Lights/bulb replacement
  • Electric outlet points ideal for, power tools, electric appliances upto 13 amp rating, lighting and entertainment equipment. Our utility point installations are protected against water and dirt ingress when being used and are easy to fit.

    Save battery power with you lighting. Rplace your halogen bulbs with power saving LED bulbs, low energy consumption with significant light performance.

  • Battery/Fuel cell Efoy - energy for you
  • Efoy fuel cells use liquid fuel (methanol) it reduces the mechanical/thermal energy used to produce electrical energy, like ordinary generators produce. M&E motorhomes can supply and fit these fuel cells whatever your requirments.

  • Reversing Cameras
  • Reversing camera's/sensors and in dash monitors are all supplied and fitted.

  • Solar power panels
  • Solar panel installation why use up cell power when you can get some power for free! Aldem and various other panels installed.

  • Bike Rack & Awning installations
  • Take your bicycles or other sporting equipment with you by lwtting M&E install practical and efficient racks and mounts to your Motorhome or Caravan.

  • External shower point/Water inlet point
  • External shower points are ideal for showering pets and other articles using the shower system that comes complete with shower swivel head, water temperature adjustment lever and it simply locks in place to allow the use of the homes water supply.

    Water inlet point allows easy flling of on-board water tanks, comes with air vents to dis-charge air to allow optimal filling. Can be used as a dual system to dispense and fill water tanks. Ensures internal piping and connections are safe from damage.